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Touch Screen Driver
Linux-32 bit 2.06.2416
Linux-32 bit Kernel 2.06.2410
Linux-32 bit Kernel 2.6X
Linux-64 bit
Linux-64 bit Kernel 2.6X
Mac OS X
Mac OS X 10.5.3 Leopart
Mac OS X 10.5.3 Leopart ( Intel CPU )
QNX Neutrino RTOS V6.3 Kernel 2.06.2410
QNX Neutrino RTOS V6.3 Kernel 1.04.8913_USB
Windows 2K_XP_Vista
Windows 98_ME
Windows CE6.0
Windows 98_ME

Windows CE.NET
Windows CE.NET
Windows CE.NET

Windows Embedded
Windows NT4.0
Windows 7
Retails and restaurant
Medical equipment
Financial services
International tradeshow and conference
Transportations: terminal, Airport, train, bus, and metro
Entertainment: museum, stadium, theater, arena, and entertainment park
Industrial LCD monitor
Custom input timing, panel timing, OSD menu, splash screen, onformal coatings, layout dimension etc…

LED Controller Board - LDB-3500
LED Controller Board - LDB-3700
LED Light Bar (LED Backlight Unit)

LCD Controller Board ST-91 (A/D Board, VGA)
LCD Controller Board ST-95 (A/D Board, VGA & DVI input)
LCD Controller Board ST-95U5 (A/D Board, VGA & DVI input, USB input / 5-wire Touch Screen)
LCD Controller Board ST-100 (A/D Board, VGA & DVI input)
LCD Controller Board ST-110 (A/D Board, VGA input)
LCD Controller Board ST-150 (A/D Board, VGA, DVI & Video ((CVBS / S-Video / YCbCr <SD>))
CCFL LCD Inverter (1 CCFL, 2 CCFLs, 3 CCFLs, 4 CCFLs, 6 CCFLs)
LCD Panel (AUO LCD Panel, CMO LCD Panel, NEC LCD Panel, LG LCD Panel, Samsung LCD Panel, CPT LCD Panel)
LED Panel (AUO LED Panel, CMO LED Panel, NEC LED Panel)
Touch Screen Controller (Resistive 4-Wire, Resistive 5-Wire, Resistive 8-Wire, Surface Capacitive, SAW Touch Screen, IR Touch Screen)
Peripheral (OSD Cable, Cable, Power Supply)

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