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LED Light Bar - LB30
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LED Light Bar, LED Backlight Unit - LB30
The Splendi Tech. LED Light Bar (LED Light Bar) is particularly designed for wide dimming and stable LCD brightness. ODM for specific LCDs.

- High brightness SMD LED
- Easily customized for length with several options
- high efficiency cooling
- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan
- LCD Application: NEC10.4"-NL6448BC33 / NEC10.4"-NL6448AC33

Electro-Optical Characteristics



Number of LED


Power (W)

Current (mA)

TOP (℃)








For further details of specifications or ODM, please contact us at: sales@splendi.com.tw

Custom input timing, panel timing, OSD menu, splash screen, onformal coatings, layout dimension etc…

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